Freedom for freelancers

Ventursom is a private coaching community for freelancers.

Through month-to-month private coaching and a developing committed community, you will be empowered to build a business to experience freedom and fulfillment in your life.

Ventursom = from 'ventursome' meaning willing to take risks or embark on difficult or unusual courses of action.

Yes, freelancing was a risk for me, and yes it was difficult & unusual, but it's been so, so, SO worth it.

Freelancing changed my life.

Intro & Context

Hey! I'm Matt. I'm a freelancer with 5+ years of service-based business experience between two different marketing agencies & working for myself + moderating private paid communities.

Here's a quick run-down of my freelance experience:

  • I earned 61% more than my previous salaried job within my first year of freelancing, all the while in a new niche with a relatively new skillset.
  • Some days I can work as little as 2, 3, 4 hours, guilt-free.
  • The additional income & experience allowed me to launch an eCommerce brand of my own, and now Ventursom.
  • My fulfillment has increased immensely with work & I feel more & more on the right path for my desired lifestyle, not just my career. It's opened my eyes & options greatly.

Based on these changes across my health, wealth and growth, I want to help you make a change, if you're ready and willing to invest time, work ethic, and a bit of money.

Quick-run down of my private community building experience:

  • 1 year+ /// I was a paying member in Austin Brawner's Coalition but after a few months, he hired me (freelance) to be a Facebook Ads Expert & Community Manager for the 200+ member group
  • 9 months+ /// Trial membership turned group moderator for ADmission, Common Thread Collective's monthly membership training program for Facebook Ads of 250+ brand owners
  • I have invested additional thousands of dollars back into my continued education and resources from other digital courses, memberships, and communities.

Main thing about why I'm doign this? I love helping people.

I get JUICED when others around me do well and succeed. It makes me feel so damn good that I'm using my time and experience to lift others up and make their lives better.

As a freelancer, I help clients sell their products and make more money from their Facebook Ads for their eCommerce stores.

Now, I want to help you during your freelance venture.

What is Guided Ventur?

Finally, the goods.

Here is what you get for an affordable month-to-month payment:

  • Ongoing 1-on-1 private coaching messaging with me
  • Private community membership group forum
  • 2x week LIVE group Q&A call in the private community
  • Access all content, posts, discussions from the past and get priority access & massive discounts for new Ventursom offerings
  • Free onboarding call with me to get acquainted (1 HOUR for Beta users, 15 minutes for normal sign-ups)
  • Exclusive member-only discounts for recommended tools/services of the freelance life
  • Want to jam on something specific? Deep dive? Strategize & plan?
    • Member-only access for additional individual coaching calls at reduced pricing (save over $100+ per call compared to those not in Ventursom!)

Standard membership pricing is $99/mo

No long-term contracts, pay month-to-month, cancel anytime.


Just because I'm just launching Ventursom, doesn't mean I haven't already been helping and coaching people already!

Here's one example from Emily Penrod who I've been working with:

"There are not enough words to express my gratitude towards Matt and what he has done for me in the freelancing world. Matt comes extremely prepared to provide his clients with carefully crafted advice and guidance. I have been working in the public relations field for a few years now and he has given me the confidence to excel in my freelancing career. If you are currently in limbo and interested in freelancing but don’t know how, Matt is surely your right-hand man. As we all know, there is a lot of intimidation when it comes to going out on your own and it’s easy to psych yourself out in the process. Matt picked me up and guided me in the right direction and I have come out of it with a full toolbox and fearlessness."

Here's another from Joseph Siegel who joined Ventursom early:

"If you’re a freelancer or looking to get into freelancing, this is just for you. Matt is incredibly knowledgeable and has personally given me super useful insight that has saved me tons of time and money. He’s doing great things and TRULY cares about everyone."

[Special Early Access Offer - 5 slots taken, just 10 remain]

During this early access period, I'm only letting in 15 (10 more!) members. I want to make sure this all works smoothly before letting more folks in.

For the first 15 (10 left) sign-ups only, join "Community Ventur" for just $49/mo.

[EARLY ACCESS BONUS] - These first 15 people will ALSO receive a free 1 hour onboarding session with me. (This is normally a 15 minute call, instead its a $300 value, for free)

If you don't end up grabbing one of the first 15 spots, don't sweat it. I will open up more slots at the standard $99/mo pricing & keep this thing growing and thriving.

Freedom For Freelancers Newsletter + Early Access for Guided Ventur is Live!

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    Have any questions before you join? Just want to say hi? is the best way to get ahold of me about this opportunity.

    What else can I expect in 2021?

    We're just getting started with the Ventursom brand. On the roadmap for 2021:

    -Multiple video courses (one-time purchases) in our “Solo Ventur” offer around Client Acquisition, Client Fulfillment & Retention, Flexible Freedom Mindset & Intangibles.

    -Full launch of the "Community Ventur" monthly membership offer at $99/mo.

    -Smaller private group coaching "Group Ventur" - higher course discounts, higher additional hourly call discounts, a MONTHLY 30 minute call with me.

    -Limited number of private 1 on 1 coaching slots "Private Ventur" - all courses included (current and future), weekly 1 on 1 calls and the highest priority for direct responses.

    -Plus, we will continue the Freedom For Freelancers Newsletter. Weekly sends on Tuesday. Audio + video versions coming as well!

    Hit me up or @mattladydigital on Twitter with any questions or feedback!